Operação Serenata de Amor is an anticorruption bot that analyzes the probability of illegality in the reimbursement requests from parliament members
Gabi Agustini


View Source documents manufacturing IoT in the unique city of Shenzhen, which produces the majority of the world’s electronics
Peter Bihr


The State of Responsible IoT collects essays from experts around the world who illuminate the latest insights and challenges facing the field today
Peter Bihr


#breathe created a suite of low-cost devices to measure air quality in major cities and partnered with Twitter to make the measurements more accessible
Rahma Mian


A PhD project by Gabriel Ionut Zlamparet re-uses health equipment in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing
Iskander Smit


A mesh wifi box enables street vendors to track their inventory and manage stock without the internet
David Li


SolarPak is a backpack equipped with a solar panel that collects energy during the day and enables children to study at night by the light of small LED lamp
Dodji Honou


Facebook’s Algorithmic Factory investigates the invisible ways that the social network extracts value from users
Vladan Joler


Outernet is a low-cost, low-power device that listens to data broadcasts anywhere on the planet, no internet required.
Saad Chinoy

United Kingdom

Hold is a series of touch-driven prototypes that aim to improve how dementia patients interact with each other
Ben Eaton

We invited ThingsCon, a global community of practitioners advancing responsible IoT, to curate this issue’s dispatches. Their correspondents share how technology is being used recently in ethical ways around the world.
Stories for Revolution
Obtrusive Relationships
Gathering Multitudes: A bag of stars
Fugitive Memory: for Tu’i Malila
“The Quizumba is On”: Technological Appropriation by Black Women in the Amazônia
Big Green Lies
Letter from the Editors
A guide to the visceral science of time travel
The Unbounded Quest
An interview with Joana Varon
An interview with Jonathan Torres Rodríguez
An interview with futures leader Anab Jain
Where would you like to place your pet giraffe?
Afropresentism – On Incantation and the Machine
Letter from the Editors
A Few Notes on the Cult of Sylphis
Speculative Tourism
Letter from the Editors
Tending to wildness: field notes on movement infrastructure
Aveia, espaçonaves, uma folha de babosa, uma pélvis: fui coletar trechos Oats, spaceships, an aloe leaf, a pelvis: I went to collect parts of the future and decided to turn around.
Προφορικό ποίημα για την προέλευση των Δικτύων Εμπιστοσύνης Narrative Poem about the Origins of Networks of Trust
The Battle to Control the Carbon Media Cycle
Archive of Disappearances
Prototyper la Banlieue du TURFU et transcender la réalité
To Become Undone
Digital artivism: pictures worth thousands of words
Ratios / Proporciónes
Shadow Visions
Letter from the Editor
Future Perfect Continuous
Be Water –  Insights into the Hong Kong protest movement
Care in a techno-capitalist world
HammamRadio, your feminist-love radio station
One Vision, One World. Whose World Then?
Play, imagine, build – the collective verbs
Venezuela – the dual crisis
Letter of the Editor
Terraforms – Or, How to Talk About The Weather
On Persistence: The Past Art/Works of An/Other Future
What the Enlightenment Got Wrong about Computers
Community Learning at Dynamicland
Imagining a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights
An interview with Audrey Tang
Dream Beyond the Wounds
The Blurring
More than HumanCentered Design
The Unpredictable Things
When the Path We Walked Blocks Our Ways Forward
Letter of the Editor
A viewpoint on Craft and the Internet
Who Controls the Internet?
Ethical Tech around the World
Interview with Gillian Crampton Smith
Life & Death
Typographic Craft
The Internet as a Lota
A Medieval Crash
A Gandhian Dream
Evolutionary Craft